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SunWorld Pictures distributes select quality films that are appropriate for family audiences.  Our products range from family films, to inspirational, to comedy and adventure.  We distribute our films to retailers throughout the United States, including Walmart, Costco, Redbox, Sams Club, Best Buy, Amazon, and many other fine retail and online stores.  In addition to selling DVDs, we also license movies to various TV and Cable Channels and Broadcasters, as well as VOD with Comcast, Time Warner, Cox, and others.

In addition to traditional distribution, Sunworld Pictures also distributes films to digital platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, iTunes, and many others.  For more information on digital distribution, check out our SunWorld Digital page which will go into more details on the shift to digital and how that process works.

If you would like to submit your completed film to us for distribution, please start by emailing a brief synopsis and trailer or clips to  Due to the large number of submissions, please do not send a DVD screener until we ask for one after viewing your trailer.