With the advent and acceptance of digital distribution, independent films now have a way to get out in front of people without having to be held back by space limitations of retailers and rental outlets. Although most indies don’t have the A-list actors and marketing dollars behind them, they do have the grass roots marketing approaches that filmmakers can utilize to drive potential viewers to see their movie, if they can get their movies on these platforms. The main digital movie platforms are Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Streaming, iTunes, YouTube, Vudu, Cinema Now and many others, with more being launched each month. SunWorld Pictures has relationships with all the major digital platforms and can get your movie onto these platforms for the world to see while generating revenue so you can make money with your film.

If you have a film that you have completed, whether it’s brand new or just been sitting on you shelf for a while, we can help you. Films must originate on 16mm, 35mm, or HD and be available to deliver in HD (1080p preferable, 720p also acceptable). All music rights and any images in your film must be licensed or owned by you. In order for the digital platforms to accept your film, they must be of good technical quality so it will pass their Quality Control process. Films do not need to have big stars although that definitely does help in getting views. We accept both narrative feature films and documentaries that have a running time of at least 60 minutes. We do not currently accept short films.

To submit your completed film for consideration, the first step is to email submissions@sunworldpictures.com. Please provide your name, contact information, a short synopsis of your film, and a link to view a trailer or clips of your film. Once we have a chance to review this information we’ll contact you and let you know if we would like to view your entire film to determine if it will be successful on the digital platforms.

If SunWorld and the producers both choose to go forward, we will send you a distribution contract to review and sign. We do not charge any upfront fees to distribute your film digitally, but we will take a percentage of any revenue as our distribution fee (we only get paid if we make money for you). Once the agreement is completed, we will ask you to deliver your completed film, the audio mix, artwork, etc. on a hard drive to us. This is how we will create the necessary elements to deliver to the various digital platforms.  If you have any other questions, please contact us.